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"Water crisis" increasingly grim, filter for your worries

2016-11-17 22:05:17

Recently, the State Council approved the "National Water Resources Planning." Planning put forward by 2020, the national water volume and strive to control in 6700 billion cubic meters; million GDP water consumption, million yuan industrial added value water consumption were reduced to 120 cubic meters, 65 cubic meters, than in 2008 Reduced by about 50%. Through the implementation of the plan, by 2030, the national water consumption and strive to control the 700 billion cubic meters; 10,000 yuan GDP water consumption, million yuan of industrial added value water consumption were reduced to 70 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, are Than in 2020 to reduce about 40%. The State Council requires the implementation of the most stringent water resources management system, in accordance with the planning of the total water consumption, water efficiency, water functional areas to limit the ability to accept pollutants requirements, strengthen water demand management, the establishment of monitoring, evaluation and assessment mechanisms to strengthen supervision and inspection. The introduction of the National Integrated Water Resources Planning has aroused the attention of all walks of life to the situation of water resources in China and put forward a variety of water-saving technology measures, such as how to put the water-saving in a prominent position and establish a reasonable water price formation mechanism. Water-based enterprises, the establishment of water-saving society and other content discussed. Urban water services "lost" data show that China's total fresh water resources of 2.8 trillion cubic meters, but per capita fresh water resources are only 2200 cubic meters, only the world average of 1/4, is the world's 13 per capita water resources, the poorest Of the countries. The actual freshwater resources available in China is only 110 million cubic meters, per capita fresh water resources can be used about 900 cubic meters, and the distribution is very uneven. To the end of the 20th century, more than 600 cities in the country has more than 400 cities in the lack of water supply problems, of which more serious lack of water up to 110 cities, the city's total water shortage of 60 billion cubic meters.
"Water crisis" has become increasingly urgent, but in urban water supply has not yet formed a set of effective water-saving measures. Fu Tao, director of the Center for Water Policy Research at Tsinghua University and director of the Institute of Environmental Protection Industry at Tsinghua University, said that since 1998, the state promulgated the "Urban Water Price Management Measures", the city's water supply services to a "lost" way. The reason is that, for the cause of water supply, water services development, all parties are counting on the price of water, government finance no longer burden. The total cost of water supply and income in 1998 with the "Urban Water Price Management Measures" promulgated into the water, the cost of a variety of water diversion project in 2004 with the "Water Project Water Price Management Measures" promulgated into the water, water The scarcity of the total amount of water resources generated by the full access to water prices. Gongyi City Filter Co., Ltd. for the joint-stock enterprises. After more than 20 years of development and production scale continues to expand, the current enterprise has formed three series of products shredders, water treatment Pharmacy: poly aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, anti-fouling dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, Algae; water treatment filter series: activated carbon, quartz sand, anthracite filter, manganese sand filter, fiber ball; This product is widely used in tap water, electricity, steel, oil and sewage treatment and other industrial water treatment areas and urban water supply and drainage applications, high-quality products and reliable services to our customers forever commitment.

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