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Which one has better anti-scaling effect, HEDP liquid or powder?

Both HEDP (1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid) liquid and powder forms have good anti-scaling properties. However, the effectiveness of each form can depend on several factors, such as the specific application, concentration used, and dosing method.

In general, HEDP powder can be easier to handle and transport than liquid HEDP, which can be advantageous for certain applications. Additionally, HEDP powder may have a longer shelf life than liquid HEDP, making it more convenient for long-term storage.

On the other hand, liquid HEDP may be more readily soluble and easier to mix into solution, which can be beneficial in certain industrial processes. Liquid HEDP may also offer better dispersion and distribution in water systems, which can enhance its anti-scaling properties.

Ultimately, both HEDP liquid and powder forms can effectively inhibit scaling in various applications, including cooling water systems, boilers, and desalination plants. The most suitable form of HEDP for a particular application will depend on various factors, and it is important to consider the specific requirements and challenges of the system when selecting an anti-scaling treatment.

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