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We adopt advanced continuous batch production technology and DCS automatic control system. There are 5 workshops for phosphate, polycarboxylic acid polymers, fungicides, etc., producing over 100 varieties of water treatment chemicals in 8 categories. It can also be compounded and produced according to user needs.More

Chemical NameCAS No. Chemical NameCAS No.
ATMP6419-19-8 HEDP2809-21-4
PBTC37971-36-1 DTPMPA15827-60-8
EDTMPA (Solid)1429-50-1 HPAA23783-26-8
PAPEMP130668-24-5 BHMTPMPA34690-00-1
HEMPA5995-42-6 HMDTMPA23605-74-5
TTA•Na64665-57-2 BTA•Na15217-42-2
ATMP•Na420592-85-2 HEDP•K23794-83-0
HEDP•Na27414-83-7 HEDP•Na4 Granule3794-83-0
PAA 50%9003-01-4 PAAS 50%9003-04-7
HPAA23783-26-8 MA/AA26677-99-6
PCA71050-62-9 T-22555719-33-0
DDBAC/BKC8001-54-5 Isothiazolinones26172-55-4

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